New Seating Changes to Address The New Seating

The City Elders met in City Hall Chambers yesterday to discuss and to put into play a plan to replace the brand-new seats that were installed at the Center for Events.

Ever since their installation 4 years ago, the Center and the City have been blitzed with complaints about their small size and lack of leg room. Attendance at events has been in decline since. “The cost to remove the seats would be about $800,000 give or take a few $100,000”, stated Center Chief of Operations Larry Melville.

The plan on the boards is to remove all the seats and not replace them at all. “you can bring your own chair or blanket!”, said Olivia Meadows, Director of Marketing, Ticketing and Planner of Events. We will sell you the space and you can use it any way that makes you happy. We can sell you your space for multiple events. You would be, (giggle, giggle) a Season Space Holder! Or we can sell individual events. Of course, we will pick out the best space available for you either which way for a small convenience fee.”

Speculation is that concession stand revenues would increase with the removal of the seats. “People will actually be able to get to our stand and purchase things, stated Cookie Twain, Food Director.” People were blaming our high prices. People were blaming the fact we didn’t except credit cards. Those people just couldn’t get out of their seats! Things will change, you’ll see.” A small increase in concession stand prices is expected. “It will be a temporary convenience fee to help defer the cost of addition help that will be needed in the stand,” said Twain.” Plus, we are still trying to recoup the money spent on the credit card thingy update. That technology is expensive and complicated. I see now why it took over 10 years.”

More discussion by the Elders along with public hearings is expected along with a final decision in the next few months.

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  1. It would be nice to have a seat my seat would fit, not to mention being able to sit without my knees under my chin. 🙂

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