Waning Days Senior Center News

Waning Days Senior Center News.  We are snowed in again! Day three.  Our Head of Maintenance apologies for sending ALL of our snow removal equipment out for annual tuning and repair. ” We normally have this done in the summer,” said Al Smith; HOM. “I guess it got scheduled wrong on the day I had resident help in. I’m sure I told Gretta to do it in July. I guess she wasn’t lying when she requisitioned new hearing aid batteries. We should have everything back by May.” Sorry, no visitors again. We will be having a “Suds and Seats” competition later. It’s our version of Musical Chairs. If you wind up with no seat you will need to throw back a pint. Fun starts right after dinner; 4:45pm! Be sure to empty your bladder or your bag prior.

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    1. We do pride ourselves on our ability to rapidly adapt and still have a good time. If you would like I can have Doreen, our Admissions Director send you an Application and a Colorful Brochure. Both are available in EXTRA LARGE typeset if this would convenient for you.

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