Waning Days Senior Center News

Our annual mandatory volleyball tournament begins this weekend.
It’s our version of March Madness and it’s always a big hit. Register your team early and get the best choices of shirts. Salvatore Spitzarello and “Wide” Mikey Barone will help you fill out your brackets and collect the necessary fees. This year’s winning teams will receive new bedspreads. First game begins right after dinner; 4:45pm.

FiveHole TapRoom

Tonight and Tomorrow Night FiveHole TapRoom is proud to present BackBurner Recording Artists; CamelToe.  The pride and joy of New Haven, Connecticut , these lads put a new spin on Rockabilly. They’ll transport you back to 50’s with a mix of classic as well as original songs off their 1st album, “Imprint.” Get on down early. Grab a bite to eat. Order up a pint or two of  your favorite micro brew and be prepared for an entertaining evening.

See you and yours at the FiveHole!