FiveHole TapRoom

It’s Snowing! It’s A Blizzard! It’s time for a Pajama Party! FiveHole TapRoom is going to stay open all night. No need to worry on how to get home or having to leave early. We got you covered. Lots of blankies and hot toddies. Wear your favorite pajamas and drink your favorite tap beer for half price all night.

This week’s Happy Hour Act, BackBurner Recording Artists, Orphaned Sock Society will provide music all night. Thank you girls!

Special Guests, BackBurner Recording Artists, The Hanke Kimbar Trio are in town a day early due to the weather and are gonna party all night with us in addition to their weekend dates. Their hard driving Polka-Reggae songs will sure to be entertaining.

See You and Yours tonight  at The FiveHole!

Winter Storm Warning In Effect

“It’s official. We are under a Winter Storm Warning”, stated Todd Schumpeter , Chief Honorary Meteorologist for Miss Manatee’s 5th grade class. “We are tasked with weather predictions this week by the National Weather Service. You can expect it to continue to snow for the next 48 to 72 hours. Accumulations could be as high as six feet. The winds will be breezy between 40 and 60 mph. This might cause some drifting.”

All city, county and state buildings and services are closed and or suspended until further notice. Essential services like the Police and Fire Departments will be tasked to the limits of their abilities please don’t call them.

Dave Stipplehorf, Superintendent of Highways and Byways requests that you stay off the roads. “Stay off the roads,” he stated. ” With this wind we are hoping that by keeping the roads as clear as possible the snow will have a chance to blow east and out of area of responsibility.” He also reminded citizens that when shoveling, their first priority is the cities sidewalks. Also do not to throw snow into the streets as this will hinder the blowing effect anticipated.

Schools will remain open. “We’re not going to waste not one valuable moment of education to a blizzard,” said Mary-Louse Philips-Finlen. “They’re future is in our hands.”

The Cities Recreation Service’s Department announced that all their facilities except the outdoor pools will remain open.

Further updates will be posted as needed.