“Daddy, tell me a story about Rusty and Aye Dog”


This was the standard question at the dinner table presented by my youngest daughter, The Hoot as soon as she could talk. She couldn’t get enough about the antics of my dogs back in New York. Rusty made the trip to California when I relocated to be with Me Wife. Aye Dog had passed the year before but lived on in legend. She was the smartest dog since “Mr. Peabody” and she did laundry to boot. Rusty, the trusted sidekick could fold a fitted sheet and play gin rummy.

There were moments when I thought she had heard them all. She had. “Tell it one more time Daddy”. She would sit and listen, giggle and laugh. She made it seem like was I telling those for the first time. It was always and still is…. magical.

I hope not to lose that effect with TFTLC.


I’m currently sifting through the TFTLC archives on Facebook and have started resurrecting some of the favorites.

The Children – a small business dedicated to providing quality labor services on the backs of cute and adorable children.

Waning Days Senior Center News – The daily activity posting of a delightful Senior Center.

HOA News – follow the antics of our Revenue Generating Home Owners Association Police. Calculator and above average math skills required to keep track of “Fines Levied.”

CafeLuchy – each week we present a tongue tantalizing menu for you to drool over.

The FiveHole – stop in for the latest micro-brew, a shot of whiskey and kick back and enjoy some live music. 

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WurmHole Ranch – way on the outskirts of town there is place..

Your DailyOwl – will now have a new home and point of origin.

The Big White Evil Nemesis To The North – Oh Canada! We Stand On Guard For Thee!

Friends – the best stuff around comes from my intelligent and witty BFFs! Folks, feel free to post or offer up suggestions.

I will honor requests.

“Daddy tell us a story ………”